What is Counselling?

Counselling is a common talking therapy that is used to help people deal with lots of different life problems. However, like the term ‘therapy’ counselling is a term that is often also used interchangeably for talking therapies in general.

In the UK, counsellors typically have had a minimum of two years of training (often many more), and at least 150 hours of experience working with clients in order to achieve a professional counselling qualification.

Counsellors who work with individuals will usually have had specific training to do so. Some counsellors may also have completed more than one training and are therefore qualified to work with more than one type of client group.

Also, in addition to the different types of counselling training they may have completed, many counsellors listed on our directory have got other therapy qualifications as well. For instance, a large number are qualified as both counsellors and psychotherapists.

Counselling  can help by giving  you a safe place to explore and gain insight into how your  past experiences can present themselves in current life situations.

Counselling may be short term (as few as 6-12 sessions), or it may be longer term (say 6-12 months) or even open ended. The length of the piece of counselling work undertaken will depend on the type of issue/s a client is looking to work on or address, and their individual circumstances.