The Service I Offer

When we have difficulties in our lives we may find we need to talk things through with someone other than family or friends. Having counselling or therapy can often help by supporting you through difficult times, or help you to make changes – It can give you a space to explore doubts and uncertainties or to explore options and personal choices in a supportive environment.  How to find the right therapist or therapy for you? Phone for a brief chat or book a one off appointment.

  • I can work short-term, offering solution focused therapy, which aims to work with you to help you think about troubling situations and circumstances in a problem-solving, task-orientated way.
  • For short to medium term work I offer CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) which can help you find alternative ways of thinking about different situations. Please see my page for a description of how CBT can help. I enhance traditional CBT with mindfulness based CBT, acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and compassion focused therapy.
  • I can also offer longer-term counselling. Please see my page for a description of how counselling can help.

I work with individuals (aged 18 years and over) offering  weekly sessions each lasting 50 minutes.

Areas of difficulties I deal with: Abuse• Anxiety• Bullying• Cancer• Child related issues• Chronic fatigue syndrome/ME• Depression• Disabilities• Emotional abuse• Generalised anxiety disorder• Infertility• Low self-confidence• Low self-esteem• Miscarriage• Obsessive compulsive disorder• Panic disorder• Phobias• Physical abuse• Post-traumatic stress disorder• Postnatal depression• Pregnancy and birth• Seasonal affective disorder• Sexual abuse• Spirituality• Stress• Trauma• Work related stress• Social anxiety• Health anxiety.